Joining Yeepeng (Lantern Festival) with us on 11 NOV 19

Thailand famous festival is ‘Loy Kratong’ which on full moon night. We will floating flower basket onto a river to say 'Thank you' to goddess of river.But in Chiang Mai, we called this event ‘Yee Peng’ or you may know it as the Lantern Festival. 
Last year, few of our Buri guests disappointed in Lantern festival because lanterns floating (as in the picture I attached) cannot be seen in the City but only available only to some festival/area outside which need advance booking. (Floating lanterns is not allowed in the Old City for safety reasons.)
 So this year, we did some research for guests that planning to join this cultural experiences as in the festival amazing photography!
 You can book an advance ticket with us to visit a local events of Lantern Festival.
Price for this program will be 1,500THB per person on 11 NOV 2019**
Start - End time : 17:30PM - 21:30PM
Including :
1. Round trip transfer from Buri Gallery House to the festival (30mins/round)
2. Entrance ticket
3. Lantern for floating
4. Flower Basket to flow in the river (In Thai called 'Krathong')
5. Fireworks show
(Buri Staff will accompany you as well!)
Since the ticket need to book and pay in advance.
If you want to book this program, please confirm back to us before 31 OCT 2019.**

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